Charles Goes to College

At North Carolina University at Charlotte I enrolled in advanced math classes. Amy Smithson gave me a letter explaining to the school my qualifications. I tried out for the wrestling team and made it.

Because of was I was one of the few Blue Caste men on campus who were not about fifteen and being advanced to a fast track in college. In some cases there were war vets who had been injured or boys big and fat that had been disqualified for military service. There were 4,000 students at N.C.U. and about 750 male.

On the wrestling team I was the only boy over 15. There were 3 thirteen year olds. Becky Matthews cleaned my room and waited in my bed until I was finished with my school work. She was a useful slave from home and I had her read and write reports about books that I didn’t want to read.

College is not at all much sitting in classes. The instructors have things you need to read, problems to solve, and then students can come and go as they wish.

College was my first time of not having farm chores. Instead of the usual farm activities I ran mornings about 5 miles, and then worked out in a student gym.

In the gym the girls were very friendly.  I began having regular dates, mostly day time dates for dinner or breakfast. 

What the Blue Caste girls could or couldn’t do was much like the Red Caste girls.  They were protecting their virginity for a proper marriage.  Some had neutered bodyguards.

All my girlfriends met Becky my bedmate and ignored her presence as they usually kissed me in semi-privacy, mostly all over. The bodyguards waited by the door for any help they might need.

All those girls who visited my room were very qualified in North Carolina Marriage Law.  They each explained in detail how I could have more than one wife.  They each stated their preference about how many wives they believed a family man should have, and it was almost always the exact number of wives their fathers had married.  That ranged from 2 to 5.  All of them agreed that marriage was not a restriction on having slave girls and using Red Caste women and girls.  They each invited me to visit their family on holidays.  My first year in college I went home with Rose Turner, Mary Tennesson and Ann Evens Mankin.  In each case the father would take me into his study and explain what I would get when I married his daughter.  It was usually so much cash and a number of Red Caste families and so many acres.

Each and every time I explained, “I want to finish school before I make marriage decisions.’

I had been in college for almost a year when one night I got a call from downstairs in my dorm, “Charles I am Randolf the slave on duty tonight and you have a visitor.  Do you have a brother Eddie?”

“Yes,” I said, “what’s his last name?”

“He says Baxter, like yours, but this guy looks like a vagrant bum.  Do you want him sent up or come to the lobby and make sure of who he is?”

“I’ll come to the lobby,” I said.

When I got to the lobby it was Eddie and he was dressed in bum, and dirty, ragged clothing.  I took him to a private corner where we could sit and talk and he said, “Charles I’ve deserted from the Army.  I spent most of the last year in Brazil where I rose to 1st lieutenant and then was busted back to Sargent for fighting.” I said.

“Yes, but I was fighting while drunk, and that last fight I put out a superior officers eye.  The local officials who were holding me made a mistake and turned all of us loose, and my superior officer would have probably hung me if I had gone back on the base.”

“Couldn’t you explain it was an accident and you didn’t mean to put out the other officers eye?”

“You mean the general’s eye?  I took a pool cue and stabbed his eye with it.  A general can execute those under him — oh there’s a trial and the trial court that will do what he wants, and since he lost his eye.”

“You’re in bad trouble Eddie.  Let’s go up to my room and call father and see what his advice is.”

“He will want to turn me in or bus or train myself in.  To him it is all about honor and I’ve done myself in.  I’ve done a dishonorable thing to leave the U.S. Army without an honorable discharge.  I will go back if he can get me a dishonorable discharge.  Maybe he can get a congressman or senator from North Carolina to send a letter with me and I can turn myself in here in North Carolina with a letter telling my story to a court of my peers here?

Your good to help me Charles, I went to my sisters first and they didn’t even want to talk to me in person.  They wouldn’t even come down and talk to me person-to-person, as if I was not anymore a human being.  All they wanted to know was ‘Why are you here?’

I think that your their favorite brother, not me”

We went up t my dorm room and Becky bowed on the floor while Edie talked on the phone.  She had been conditioned by the presence of Baxter’s at school from grade one to bow and slide on her stomach when around any of them.  With me she was my actual slave, but she smiled and acted like a sort of human around me.  She said that my name was now Baxter, but she didn’t think I was really one of them.  I really didn’t feel like a Baxter, and didn’t know how dead inside you have to be to really be a Baxter.  I was inclined toward mercy even with an enemy like Eddie.

On the phone I asked for T.R. and said, “Dad this is Charles, and Eddie is here in my dorm rooms on campus and wants to explain his problem.”

“Put him on Charles, the girls have already called and explained his situation.”

“He was hoping you could get a congressman or senator to write a letter for him begging mercy and a fair trial.”

“Put the son-of-a-bitch on the phone Charles.”

Eddie held the phone and I could hear that there was loud talking, but I didn’t understand the words except an occasional expletive.  TR cursed loud and talked a little softer.  One phrase was, “Fuck you fucker,” and then Eddie handed me the phone.

“Is this you Charles?” TR said.

“Yes dad,” I replied.

“Look Charles what has happened is that Eddie has dishonored his family.  I proudly fought for my country and got three metals.  I fought in Mexico and briefly in Cuba for four years.  I never thought I would raise a stinking yellow coward.

Not only that Charles but by mail just yesterday I got a message that Sim is now the surrendered, clipped ear slave of some Major in Texas.  I got a report that Sim is shameless and is called Captain Dick Sucker because he sucks his masters dick in public in the Rosewood Barack.  Of course what a slave has to do is what a master orders, so that he does it in public is a bad reflection on his owner.

Anyway I just told Eddie that I have only one son and that is Charles.  I told him to sign voluntary slave papers before a notary.  Then Charles tie the little fucking SOB up tight and use a sharp knife or scissors and cut the tops of his ears off.  Not just a little, but the whole top of the ear.  Then brand your name on his backside front side and ass, and somewhere on his face put your initials.  Maybe your initials C.B.  Then chain him in heavy chains and take instant pictures of him nude –front and back.  Get a close up of his face brand.  Then you decide by the way he accepts his brands and ear clipping as to whether he deserves castration.  Do that also if need be, then I will send his commanding general copies of the photos and an offer to send him for more punishment to Texas if the general pays for shipping, or I will explain that he will be owned by his brother Charles, and how you were recently promoted to Blue and went to school with the little prick Eddie where he tortured you daily and now you will own him and think of new reasons for him to improve his crawling and reasons to use your whip on him.

If Eddie resists his slavery then feel free to kill him.

I’ve received your grades son and they are excellent, much better than my daughters.

Carolisa’s grades are very low, and she failed social science.  Ruby’s grades are close to the bottom.  I’ve told them both that I’m sending you over to get control of them.

Both of them have brought a boy home for me to see and offer money, slaves and land to.  I have some Red Caste farms set aside near Candler and Skyland to give as their wedding dowry, but neither boy was from a family that had much of anything and you could beat either of those boys easily Charles,  in fact they looked so weak I could beat either of them without trouble any morning.

Both daughters have been instructed to give you a key to their dorms.  Come and go as you please.

First check their virginity, and if someone’s been in the cookie jar then let me know.  otherwise master them and restrain their comings and goings.  Take their car keys, you can drive their cars.  Those are the last two girls I’m giving cars to and sending to college.

So deal with Eddie and I’ll be expecting those photo’s soon son.  Bye now.”  He hung up and I looked at Eddie and said, “Did you hear that Eddie?”

“Most of it” he said, , “He told me what he was doing to me before I handed you the phone.

I had to go out and buy and instant camera and some chains.  I took Eddie to the hardware store and bought first a slave collar which I had inscribed, ‘Property of Charles Baxter’  It had a link and I had attached a leather leash.  Eddie was still in his bum clothes as I bought him a brown outfit with  slave shoes.  I also got a ‘C’ and ‘B’ letter that could be heated on my stove to mark him as TR had specified.

When I asked the clerk for one inch tall letters Eddie said, “Please not that large master!”

That was the first time he had refered to me by what I was, and I said, “No talking slave.  You will be punished for talking without your owner’s permission.”

“Yes master,” he said and I bought the various slave accessories I needed including a strip of leather, the price was four and a half credits.  I took Eddie’s wallet when he changed to his slave costume and I took a military ring from him.  I paid for the hardware out of his money and I clipped his North Carolina drivers license to the slave paper he signed in the First Federal Bank of North Carolina.  The bank notary said, “I see that the slave’s name is the same as yours sir, just curiosity, is this your brother?”

“No,” I said, “we came from completely different circumstances.”

We walked to the bank, and home I didn’t have a driver’s license and didn’t know how to drive a car, but I guessed that it was about like a tractor.  I had spent many hours on tractors pulling all sorts of farm equipment.

I led Eddie on his leash all across campus and he ducked his head and walked behind me carrying my packages.  I had stopped in the grocery for bread and milk.

I think he was os docile and accepting because he saw no way out of his situation and his fathers pronouncement of his enslavement.  I saw two people I knew, both girls from exercise class, and they said, “Hi Charles.”

I knew next time I saw either of them they would want to know about ‘the slave’.

Becky was waiting to open the room door and when Eddie and I were inside she said, “Master your sisters have been trying to reach you.  They have each called 3 times, and I got 2 calls where no one answered..  I think they want to get hold of you.”

“Let them wait,” I said, “and Eddie get off your clothes so we can do as father wishes.”

“Do you want me to stay in the room master?”  Becky asked.

“Since now Eddie’s just a run-and-scamper slave of mine, if I happen to be out of my apartment he will obey you.”  I saw Eddie’s male equipment was rather small when he undressed in the hardware store, so I knew Becky could jump to favorable conclusions between me and my slave.

When Eddie was nude I padlocked him in chains to an ironing board.  I first tied him on his back using chains and then rope to keep his face in place.  I tied one rope around his head under his nose and above his lip.  That rope was rather tight.

When his head couldn’t move and very little of him anywhere else could even twitch much tears started down his eyes and he said, “For the love of god, master don’t put inch letters on my forehead.  I would rather be castrated!”

“It’s not your choice.  If you have a bad attitude about your branding then father said, ‘Castrate him’; so I’m watching your attitude as I mark you.”

I had watched punishment since I was a little child: whippings, branding and toes being cut off.  I had never seen a face branded.  I had once seen a woman’s neck marked, but not a forehead.  I had even seen Les Jackson killed in private by Eddie and Sim, he was a Red Caste boy. His only sin was that he had mis-spoken the truth, and they needed an example to terrorize the other Red Caste slaves.  It was orders from Eddie’s father and my now adopted father.

That act of Eddie’s, shooting Les, made it easy for me to brand his face, hand, upper leg.  Then when he was re-tied with  the other side up for more brands and then I clipped his ears off at the top.

Ear clipping was something done in the army.  When men fought for rank and power in that institution — they sliced off the losers ears.  Army slaves often had ears clipped off, but in Carolina slaves lost much of their selling value with clipped ears.  I took half of Eddie’s ears off with some sharp scissors.  The face branding was enough I would have not done both, even to an enemy like Eddie, but it was orders.

I had told Becky not to answer the phone while I was doing the branding.  The phone did ring and I knew it must be Carolesa and Ruby.  There were other girls who I dated, but they all knew I didn’t like to sit and talk on a phone.  They all knew when I ran and could run along with me, or could see me when I was exercising.  There were so many girls and so few men at N.C.U. that often I ran with three or four women.  Most didn’t go the whole five miles, and then others would join along the way.  I had plenty of time running or exercising to listen to girls.  My other time was devoted to studying.  Becky was not the most beautiful girl in Mountain Home North Carolina or at N.C. U., but she was excellent as a learning coordinator and helper.  She kept track of my assignments, tests and read my reading lists.  See did summaries of everything and word processed my notes.

I was able to concentrate on my math courses while she gleamed the essentials from the texts and notes about other courses I had to take: American Institutions, civilization, humanities and writing about literature.

By the end of the school year when Eddie became my slave one girl (who planned to mary me )  Ann Evens, was running with me about a mile each day and talked more than a mile each day.  I had been at Ann’s house two times and I was planning to marry her after graduation.  She was pretty, her father offered more than any of the other girls families, and even with too much talk — she at least talked during running and that was the best time.  Some tried to meet me before class or after class.  I hated that.

So Ann of course knew Becky and she became concerned that Becky was not pregnant.  Ann came to my apartment every week for foreplay and to do some sucking.  She also wanted me to check her virginity, so I would know she was intact.  Most girls wanted me to check and many offered to have more than oral sex with me.  I declined those offers.  Becky was witness to all my sucking partners and she once said, “Master if you marry all the girls who have visited you up here for oral sex you will marry 97 girls.”  Really it didn’t seem that many to me, but Becky showed me the list of names and frequency.  She also showed names in a different color on the page like Ann, when I visited her house and had oral sex often.

Ann thought Becky should be pregnant after frequent screwing.  I told her “Almost every night.”  Really I couldn’t think of nights it had not happened, unless I was visiting with a girl’s family in some part of North Carolina, Virginia or Tennessee.  I went all over on weekends and holidays.

Well Ann figured there could be something wrong with me or Becky.  It was a logical conclusion.  Ann wanted lots of babies, so she was concerned about me.  She was only going to get one husband and she wanted me to fertilize her lots of times.

Af first she got names of doctors for me to see.  She would send a vet to see Becky, the vet would come right to my apartment (a female vet).  I really didn’t want to do that, but that worried Ann.  She of course didn’t tell her father, but mentioned the problem every chance she got.

Eddie’s one-eyed general didn’t want him back and sent a letter to father to that effect.  The letter also said, “Tell Eddie’s owner to keep the creature away from alcohol.”

Of my two sisters that father wanted me to check and manage Carolesa was the best looking one.

I had Becky call her to say I was coming over.

To my surprise the apartment door was opened by a slave man.  He was about my age with blond hair.

“If your Mr Charles Baxter my mistress is expecting you,” he said.

“That’s me,” I said and walked in.

Mostly I had studied Carolesa from a kneeling position and at one family dinner.   She was a year older than her sister Ruby.

I was taken into a dining area where there were covered dishes sitting on the table and she approached me with her hand outstretched and said, “Welcome to my apartment Charles.”

“I think you know what I’m here for, your father probably told you.”

“Yes, but lets eat and talk.  We don’t even know each other.  Girls on campus are always asking about you, and I don’t know what to tell them.  I mean I know you like math and make all ‘A’s’ in school, but not much more.  Now you’re the only heir, girls don’t get anything more than a dowry upon marriage.  Father didn’t like the boy I brought home Dave Odum.”

“Did he say why?”

“Dave has no money or land.”

“Well he wanted the best for you.”

“He’s ballistic about my grades and my sister’s.  We’re not flunking out, we’ve been just playing around too much.”

“I’m delegated to stop that.”

“Well this isn’t Maountain Home North Carolina and we will both have to study more.  College is supposed to be fun.”

I started eating some pot roast.  It was good and she said, “What happened to Eddie?”

“His face is branded with my initials and his ears are clipped.”

“It would be better if he were dead.”

“No he will be useful.”

“Is he neutered like my slave boy Kinder?”

“No so far I’ve left him intact.”

“He was always very sexual.  Brought home girls from school about every night.”

“I know, I went to that school.”

“I was sorry when he made you quit teaching us math.  I understood math better when you taught it.”  Someone had made green beans with walnuts, it was excellent.

“Thank you,” I said with my mouth full.  The iced tea was also very good.

“Did you hear aobut Sim and what happened to him?”

“He’s someones clipped ear slave.”  I said with a bite of cottage cheese.

“So I knnow daddy said you were coming over here to ‘take me over’ and check my virginity.  You don’t need to do that Charles because I’m not one.”

“How did that happen?”

“Dave and I got drunk and somehow when the night was over I had either let him or he had made me.  I was too drunk to remember.  I only remember waking up and feeling different, and when I checked that was the difference.”

“You do need a keeper,”  I said, “most of the girls I meet at N.C.U. are virgins.”

“They would let hou have it –they’ve told me –but you won’t take it.”

“That’s true.  Many of the little co-eds foolishly offer it up.”

“Well you don’t need to check mine or Ruby’s because were both opened.  We neither will ever be virgins again.”

“Why didn’t you tell your father?”

“You’ve met him, look what he did to Eddie.  Eddie grew up being a mean boy trying to be like his father.  Did you even meet our kitchen slave Bruce at home?”

“No, I never went around the kitchen much.”

“Well Bruce was a farmer and as father said, ‘Talked to much’, well he was demoted to slave form Red Caste, then Bruce was castrated and he still talked too much.  I don’t kow what he was saying, but father cut Bruce’s tounge out.”

“So I think we should call your father and explain that you and Ruby are not virgins, and I want him to know that you don’t want to let me check.”

“Can we go to Ruby’s apartment and call from there.  He’ll want to talk to both of us.”


“She’s just in th next building.”

We went to Flemington Hall which was a Blue Girls Apartment Building and just like in my place a slave called up.

There was no doorman at Ruby’s apartment and she said, “Hi Charles, I’ve been calling and telking to Becky, but she gives little information.  She just politely says, ‘I’ll tell my master you called.”

“That’s correct she only says that on the phone.”

We all went in and sat in her living room, but i could see in the almost open door to the bedroom and the bed was not made up and garments were scattered arund in that floor.   I saw no books out that she was studying.  Her desk looked like it was not used by a student.

“I ws talking to Carolasa and you know they way your father wanted you to be checked by virginity by me, well your sister tells me that such a check is unnecessary.”

“Yes it is,” she said.

“Why”, I said and I looked at Carolsea’s face that was frowning.

“Well such a thing is not nice.  We could go to a doctor.”

“I told him sister that we weren’t virgins, you told me aobut Willie Yoms and when you lost your cherry at the Frat Party at Eustis House.”

“That was not for you to tell Charles.”  Ruby said.  She was not as pretty as Carolasa, but squirmed nicel7y  when embrrassed.  She was nervous and moved her legs around alot.

“We came over here to call T.R. and tell him aobut the virginity problem, and how you two don’t want to strip and be checked by your promoted brother.  Also I’m going to tell him that your not virgins you say.”

“Look I’ve screwed two other boys since Willie and both of them thought they screwed a virgin.  One of the ohters of them may marry me — maybe out of obligation, honor and deminishedment of property values.  Let’s not call daddy.”

“Carolasa thought you should be with us when I call, I am going ot call.”

She pointed to her phone, and I got T.R. on the phone at once, “This is Charles your son from school.”  I said, “I’m over at Ruby’s apartment with Carolasa”

“Does it look like their studying?”

“Not at all” I said, “I don’t even see any books on Carolasa’s desk.”

“This is not fair daddy we didn’t even know the warden was coming today.”

“I told you he was ocming Carolasa, and why.”  TR said.

“Well not about studying,”  she said.

“Well sir,” I said, “the real problem is that they are free girls and don’t want me their promoted brother to check their virgin status, they tell me their not virgins.”

“Well I believe the little whores.”

“Daddy!  The boys are nice fellows, good clean students.” Ruby said.

“She admitted she had three and said they’ve all thought she was a virgin dad.”

“Oh my god — she is a flaming whore!”

“I’ve only had one daddy and that was because I was drunk at a parth.  I don’t even remember being screwed by the boy.”

“Where were you when it happened?”  TR said.

“At a party.”

“At a frat party — the Eustis House.” I said

“Oh god thats the worst.  Probably the whole 100 boys had her.  Take her to a doctor son and make sure neither of them has diseases.

What you need Charles is a way to control both of them.  Within the hour I will send you a demotion paper on each of them.  I will reduce them both within this hour to Red Caste and sign them over to you Charles as your property.”

“I’m of majority age daddy,” Carolasa said, “I don’t think it’s legal for a father to enslave his daughter when she’s 19 years old.”

“She has no rights in North Carolina.  If she gives you any trouble brand her Charles.”

Both girls went into a screaming fit then.  When I could hear again, as the screaming subsided T.R. said, “I won’t waste their education Charles.  With Eddie and Sim along with me producing so many kids among the Red Caste and our farmers working their dicks every night, well I can use more Red Caste teachers.  If these two finish without having babies then they can be two more teachers at the country school.

The whore sisters  will be great examples for the 6 regular sisters that are coming behind them in my family.  Also next time I send girls off to college they will have someone watching them and controlling them.

Charles you will need to buy a local house off campus and move in there with your 2 Red Caste slaves and Eddie.

I’ll send 50,000 credits for a house, if one costs more then I’ll send more.  Get something close to campus.  I have 6 daughters and two baby sons right now out of my present wives and I’m looking around Ashville for maybe a couple more wives.  I’m only fifty years old.  My penis is still pointing straight ahead.  Really son you the only boy so far and you’ll inherit 4,000 slaves if I died today.”

The girls were sitting on the floor holding extension phones to their ears and crying.

He could hear them crying and said, “Now girls what’s done is done you are both Charles fuck slaves now.  You always came home from school when yo were in the 8th grade and said how handsome he was, now he has your use.  Be good slave women or he might send you home to be wives of one of our toothless Red farmers.”

“Bye dad,” I said and hung up.

“Your not going to do this to us are you Charles? You’ve always been such a nice boy.” Carolesa said.

“Undress girls and I’ll check out both your pussies before I go house hunting.  What do you say as you crawl to my feet after getting off every bit of your clothes?”

“Yes master,” Ruby said pulling off her blouse and bra.  Carlosa crawled right after kicking off her shoes and said, “Tell us what to do master.  I never dreamed I would be Red Caste.


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